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Hordijk Verpakkingen is one of the largest thermoforming manufacturers in Europe. We mainly supply the fresh food industry.

We have two production sites on the Daalderweg in Zaandam. Here, we extrude our own foil from raw materials. Furthermore, we design and produce plastic packaging for the fresh food sector.

Innovative sustainable production site

In mid-June 2020, our new sustainable production site opened in Zaandam. Due to, among other things, 6,000 solar panels, this location runs on 100% green energy, and there is 0% harmful emission.

We optimise the working environment by means of adiabatic cooling. This natural and sustainable cooling system creates a pleasant working environment. Even on hot summer days. We are proud of our new factory: a genuine front runner in the industry.

The Hordijk Group

Hordijk Verpakkingen is part of the Hordijk Group. This contains three other specialised and prominent subsidiaries:

Together with Miko Pac from Belgium, we have one sales organisation in Germany, Miko-Hordijk GmbH.

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